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Does your child dream of becoming a Disney Channel star? THIS Sunday June 27, 2021 ONLY, auditions will be held LIVE ONLINE AUDITION, AUDITION FOR TALENT MANAGERS AND RECORD LABELS, United States for Actors, Singers, Dancers and Models ages 5-17. Fill out the form RIGHT NOW for your chance to audition. Once you fill out the form all of the audition information will be emailed to you. That's right, Talent Scouts are auditioning LIVE ONLINE AUDITION, AUDITION FOR TALENT MANAGERS AND RECORD LABELS, United States looking for their next big star. Space is limited to the first 200 applicants and auditions fill up fast!

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If you are under 18 years old:

Netflix Auditions

Working for Netflix may be just the acting job you are looking for if you are young and talented. Just attend the auditions, you have nothing to lose and the experience will help you later on. Netflix is quickly becoming a huge entertainment company; many people watch their original TV series every year. You can even check out present Cast Members experiences as well when preparing for your own audition with Netflix.

Punctuality is very important when arriving for a Netflix audition and there will be a Cast Member there to help you as well. You get fifteen minutes to complete your check in and to prepare for the audition; especially if you are going there on location for the first time; make sure to plan carefully and allow yourself enough travel time.

The room for the audition may seem intimidating but be sure to relax and remember to have fun. Everyone else was a child once and understands how it feels to be at an audition. Be confident in your skills and talent. The Netflix Casting Director will run the show and give you instructions. The room will be setup in accordance to the type of audition you are doing. Auditions are closed door auditions with Netflix; while it’s important to have the support of family; they consider the audition a place a child has to go alone, any one with you will have to wait in the designated waiting area.

There is a chance that you will be required to perform a monologue, this is a speech that is uninterrupted and directed towards another character. It is imperative to have a monologue on hand for all auditions. It’s like having a business card, even if you don’t think you need one you should have one on hand. It is good to have a comedic monologue and a dramatic monologue on hand and well learned at any given point and time. Going to acting class will help you determine the right monologue for you. Find a great acting school today!