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Auditions will be held

Saturday, July 27, 2024
via Zoom!

Our agents have kids on TV, Movies, Magazines & Commercials

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Attention Auditioners

Do you or your child dream of being on TV or the Movies?

THIS Saturday July 27, 2024 ONLY, JRP Virtual auditions will be held for Actors, Singers, Dancers and Models ages 5 & Up.

Fill out the form RIGHT NOW for your chance to audition. Once you fill out the form all of the audition information will be emailed to you. That’s right, JRP Talent Scouts are auditioning LIVE ONLINE via Zoom looking for their next big star. Space is limited to the first 200 applicants and auditions fill up fast!

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Why begin a modeling career? The common misconception is that modeling is a easy career to get started in, but the truth is that there is a lot more to it and you don’t get much out of a career in modeling unless you fit the type. The requirements that Modeling Agencies have include size, even plus size models have to fit. In the general guidelines for women they usually need to be around 5’9” to 6’ and at least a size 6, 34B-24-34 and around 14-21 years old. There are even requirements for me with the male model needing to be 6’, maybe just a few inches allowed over or under and a size 40R. Plus size models can be 5’8” to 6’ and have to be between size 8-12 and over the age of 18. Though beware any agency that is claiming to accept “petite” models is certainly a scam. Petite models are far and few and the category is almost non-existent and on the lower rungs of the industry. Typically “Petite” models come into the market because an agent took a special interest in them or they had some fame outside of the modeling field, usually it takes some one with influence to push a model to the front stage, which is why seeking a career in modeling can be very trying.

If you find that you fit the size requirements and you’re still interested in modeling, it is recommended that you try a modeling school. Keep in mind some schools can charge tens of thousands for classes, so be informed about the modeling schools you are considering. The best way to do this is talk to former students and weigh out the good vs. the bad with each school. When going to campus; talk to the staff that seem the most knowledgeable, look for reasonable pricing, a great reputation and programs that help you find an agent upon graduation.

A good example of knowledgeable staff is someone at the school that has worked in Milan or Paris and is now in the field of training models. Pricing can vary depending on the market in your area; larger market schools can be about $1,500 for courses that run 12-20 weeks. This can vary. In investigating the reputation of a school another tip would be to reach out to a couple of adverting agencies and inquire about the booking agents for the models from that certain school you’re looking into. Certainly, look into whether the school follows up the agencies that help their students get work. If you are looking for a way to see if you really fit into the modeling world go to what is called an open call. These are usually held by modeling agencies to see what potential new talent is in the area. If you are in a large market area for example like LA, NYC, Chicago or Miami, you can check out the agencies there and see if they have any open calls coming up and find out within minutes whether you have the right look that most agencies are looking for to become a model.

Obviously, modeling is not a perfect fit for everyone however, you can still find a career in the entertainment industry. One good example would be acting, the field is more flexible and there aren’t strict size requirements. You can be any age and any size to work as an actor. Kids and teens can have a great career in acting as there are usually an abundance of roles to be found in many Nickelodeon and other Kid and Teen TV shows. Most of the roles recently are for young kids and teens which makes it a great way for them to break their way into the entertainment business however teens who are looking for acting careers can find their way to be lucrative.

Using a talent agent to represent you and send you out to auditions can be the best way to even get auditions as a beginning actor. The most wonderful thing is agents will take on children and teens without much experience with no qualms. Usually casting Directors will hold casting calls until the role is filled and the best time to start is when you are a child. Most children start around age nine and this happens this way because there is always a search for the next child star. There are usually more roles for children than there are for adults.

Acting is a very competitive business and the best way to get your child into acting is through good acting classes. The path to success is through training and there are many acting schools geared towards children and teens. There is even individual classes that will help them with proper headshots, their resume and techniques for auditions. Acting is a good career alternative for your child or teen instead of modeling and has more to offer.