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Auditions will be held

Saturday, July 27, 2024
via Zoom!

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Attention Auditioners

Do you or your child dream of being on TV or the Movies?

THIS Saturday July 27, 2024 ONLY, JRP Virtual auditions will be held for Actors, Singers, Dancers and Models ages 5 & Up.

Fill out the form RIGHT NOW for your chance to audition. Once you fill out the form all of the audition information will be emailed to you. That’s right, JRP Talent Scouts are auditioning LIVE ONLINE via Zoom looking for their next big star. Space is limited to the first 200 applicants and auditions fill up fast!

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“Acting in the Moment” is the simplest definition of Improvisation. No time to practice or any scripts involved. Every action or words spoken are in pure response to what is occurring in the actor’s environment. This is considered the hardest type of acting because of the spontaneity involved. To preform successfully takes a lot of skill. Improv classes are really great for actors looking for a challenge to help invent a new line of thought in the business. Not to mention helping them to speak and act more in the moment. The coach in an Improv class will use various exercises to make up scenes from nothing, sometimes even the audience can help add ideas for the scene. Improv is doing what has not been done before!

Most actors think that a great performance is memorizing lines and rehearsing movement. Though it is forgotten that acting is not an exact science. What do you do if your supporting scene partner actually forgets a line? Or if the director isn’t satisfied with your interpretation of the role? Sometimes scripts get changed at the last moment, this is where the importance of Improv comes in. If you can learn how to react to the unexpected and without missing a beat; essentially you can save a scene or even create a nuance that add value to the project. Improv can help you learn out to react and listen instead of just waiting your turn to read off lines.

Coming into a scene with a certain awareness can actually help with the actor understanding the action they are performing. With more practice, the actor will get to a point where they can really pull out a large range of options that can fit a situation. With training in this field an actor can look at a script and see many options in how the scene can be played out. This flexibility is really appealing to directors as it allows them to play around with a scene to really get the best out of the scene.

Improv can even extend beyond acting and help a person be better in business and even their personal life. Executives have been known to take Improv classes to help with interpersonal skills and it creates better listeners; helping them to understand body language. Improv helps you pay close attention to those around you!

Improv is really fun and most of the time can be very comedic. It can be the most rewarding and gratifying sort of acting. Some of the more veteran actors actually use Improv to help them escape from the rigidity of just reading lines and helps keep them fresh. There is so much freedom with Improve, you can really live in the moment with a scene. Take an Improv class today!